God Works In Mysterious Ways

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A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.

Charles Dickens

God reveals Himself to people in many ways! God reveals Himself through His own words in the Bible. God reveals Himself through the Holy Spirit. God reveals Himself through Creation. God reveals Himself through the work of angels. And God also reveals Himself through people!

In the days of the Old Testament, God chose a group of people to reveal Himself; God chose Abraham and his descendants; God chose the Israelites to reveal Himself in the past! And if you study eschatology, you will note in the future that again through Israel, God will powerfully reveal Himself once and for all to the world! Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!

God works in “mysterious ways”, but His message is clear; God is Creator who desires everyone to be holy and be with Him forever and ever!

Before we talk about how this should impact our lives today, let us learn more from the story of Joseph in Egypt.
Open your Bibles to Genesis Chapter 41. I want you to read our text this morning………

Does God work in mysterious ways? Mysterious means beyond ordinary understanding. What happened in this story with Pharaoh and Joseph that were beyond ordinary understanding?

First of all, the Pharaoh not only had one but 2 interesting dreams which bothered him. The dreams bothered him so much that he called all the wisemen to interpret the dreams; but no one could interpret the dreams!
Was God involved in bringing those dreams to Pharaoh?
Absolutely! Pharaoh’s dreams provided a way for Joseph (God’s man) to get out of prison and become Pharaoh’s right hand man. All of this had to happen because God had plans for the Israelites. God desired to reveal Himself to the world and to bring holiness to the Chosen People. God works in mysterious ways; He gave dreams for the purpose of His Chosen People!

And for more than 2 years, how can the cupbearer completely forget about Joseph, the man who gave him the great news of getting out of prison?

I noted last week that God likely kept the cupbearer silent about Joseph to teach Joseph a lesson about totally depending on God not man. Look again at v9…………
The cupbearer’s conscience all of sudden woke up after 2 years! Do you think God had anything to do with that? God used the cupbearer to bring Joseph, God’s man, to Pharaoh. God works in mysterious ways! God even used a bartender! Now, this doesn’t mean, I encourage you to hang out at bars!

Let’s stick to the Bible!
How well did Joseph know his God?
Look again at v15-16……….
Joseph knew that it is God who deserves all the power and glory! Joseph knew that God can work in mysterious ways!

And look again at v32…………..
God was certainly at work and He gave Pharaoh 2 dreams to make sure He got the king’s attention! God works in mysterious ways and God may repeat Himself to emphasize His point; God may repeat Himself to emphasize His point; God may repeat Himself to emphasize His point! Does Scriptures seem to repeat itself for you? God maybe trying to get our attention!
Are we listening?

Now look again at v33-36…………..
Joseph without any hesitation spoke wisely! Joseph spoke without thinking about himself. Joseph spoke without hesitation about a third person. How can Joseph speak without any hesitations or reservations? The wisdom spoken by Joseph was directly from God!

And so, even to the king of Egypt, it was clear that God was mysteriously but powerfully at work! Look at what Pharaoh said in v38, “Can we find anyone like this man, one in whom is the spirit of God?” And because of God’s presence in Joseph, what did Pharaoh do according to verses 39-41? Because God was at work, Joseph, who was a slave, was put in complete charge of the most powerful nation in the world at the time, second only to Pharaoh!

Two more points about God being at work mysteriously but powerfully: God allowed and blessed Joseph to marry not only a non-Israelite, but a daughter of a priest!
Why do we freak out about “mixed marriages” when it may be God ordained?
And we note of course at the end of Genesis 41, God accomplished everything that was predicted!
Does God still work in mysterious and powerful ways today? Let me ask this question: How did you learn about Jesus Christ??

Do you know that many Muslims are recently becoming Christians because of dreams and visions? According to Wendell Evans of the Billy Graham Center’s Institute for Muslim Studies, “more and more stories are coming out of closed countries, of God supernaturally evangelizing Muslims through dreams and visions. Of the estimated thousands of new believers in Iran in the last few years, over half of them became believers after Jesus personally came to them in a dream or vision.” Here’s one example.

Madame Bilquis Sheikh was a high-born Muslim, former wife of a Minister of the Interior, in Pakistan. God gave her dreams and visions about John the Baptist, about himself as God the Father, Jesus the son and the Holy Spirit. He led her to read the Bible. Her family came to know of her new beliefs and confronted her. She was so convinced of her new found truth, however, that they plotted to kill her. They even tried to burn her house. Her family boycotted her, and the servants, who were Muslims, left her, calling her a traitor and an infidel. She received many threats from her family and outsiders. An Army General of Pakistan visited, asking her ‘Why did you do it?’ She replied she has been called to witness Jesus Christ and she will obey Him, no matter what comes her way. She finally escaped to the United States and wrote a book about her experiences.

God works in mysterious and powerful ways!
Let me remind you of what God did through Joseph.
God gave dreams to Pharaoh. God kept the cupbearer silent for 2 years, then God convicted his conscience.
God empowered Joseph with dream interpretation and wisdom. God brought Joseph to reign instead of being a slave. God controlled everything to accomplish what was predicted! God did all of this for Israel!

Yes, God works in mysterious and powerful ways, but God always has a purpose! God works in mysterious ways but He is not random! If you’re going to pick a god, pick a good one!! The God of the Bible is perfect and always has a purpose! God desired Israel to be blessed, to be holy, and to be with Him! This was God’s plan for His mysterious ways with Pharaoh and Joseph!

And God still works in mysterious and powerful ways in people’s lives today for the same reasons!
What does this all mean to us?

1. Let us expect God to work powerfully in our lives everyday! Do not be surprised with what God can do in your lives! Do we actually acknowledge God’s work in our daily lives or do we chuck it as coincidences, luck, or with our own efforts?

A missionary friend taught May and I this and I encourage all of us to do at the beginning of each day; Rub your hands briskly (do it right now); feel the warmth of God, and ask God, “Lord, what do you have in store for me today?”

2. God has a purpose for His works in our lives! We are to agree and commit to God’s purposes. God desires His people to be blessed, to be holy, and to be with Him always! How committed are we to these?

Be blessed and bless others!
Pursue holiness!
Walk with God daily!