Day: May 26, 2015

~Happy Birthday Grateful~

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“Gratitude gladdens the heart. It is not sentimental, nor jealous, nor judgmental. As gratitude grows, it gives rise to joy. We experience the courage to rejoice in our own good fortune and in the good fortune of  others. Joy is natural to an open heart. In it, we are not afraid of pleasure. We do not mistakenly believe it is disloyal to the suffering of the world to honor the happiness we have been given. Like gratitude, joy gladdens the heart. We can be joyful for people we love, for moments of goodness, for sunlight and trees and for the breath within our breast. And as our joy grows, we finally discover a happiness without cause. Like an innocent child who does not have to do anything to be happy, we can rejoice in life itself, in being alive.” 


As I hope to celebrate my birthday tomorrow, I am immediately overwhelmed by feelings of gratitude to The Almighty. Over the last year there have been many major changes that have happened in my life. Some good, some not so good. But, they have brought me to a place where I yearn for simplicity. I have always been a simplistic soul in the making…I just didnt know how awesome it would feel when I actually simplified EVERYTHING!

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To be simple and thankful together, is a sure shot recipe for inner happiness. I have simplified not only my outside world, but also my inside world. My thoughts and feelings, my hopes and dreams, my life purpose and my goals….have been drastically simplified. From wanting to write a book for fame to now writing a book for the sheer joy of helping, from wanting a massive house to now living in a cosy apartment with my wife, to feeling overwhelmed by wants to being happy with my simple needs being met…..everything has been simplified and the process has made me so thankful for every little second to millisecond of my life.unnamed

I’ve simplified my writings, my blog and my ways….and am so so thankful for all the appreciative readers here on Fresh Oil, Ironically my simplified ways are appealing to more hearts than my complicated past layers…just goes to show what really touches hearts. right?!?!

I practice gratitude because gratitude re-shifts the focus from what I may have lose to what I may have. Even if I lose something in the process, I’m grateful for anything I got, because being grateful will enforce those parts and send the loss in the shadow. It’s not always easy, but when I’m able to do it with my entire heart, I am reborn. It helped me see that, even if I am made of dark and light, like any other human being, I can control the percentage of light and dark in my being. Fellowship has kept me grateful and these events last year and this year up unto tomorrow have made me glad and thankful. Enjoy and pray for us as we pray for the world……

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