Obama’s Crack Cocaine Commutations a Step in Right Direction…And Then What???

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Felons; An Endangered Species

Thursday, 19 Dec 2013 Barack Obama pays tribute

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz praised President Barack Obama for commuting the sentences of eight crack cocaine offenders Thursday, and said he should begin using the process more.

Obama has not used his commutation and pardon power much during his presidency, and chose to do so in these cases because of the disparity of sentences between crack and powder cocaine. Most convicted of using crack cocaine are black, while most convicted of using powder cocaine are white.

The Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 cut those disparities, but the people whose sentences where commuted on Thursday were convicted prior to the law’s enactment. They likely would have gotten shorter sentences if convicted under the current law.

Thirteen others received pardons from Obama.

Okay, thank you President Obama… Now what do we do with these people who have been or will be released from prison?

While this is…

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