Be Deliberate In Christ

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Faith is deliberate confidence in the character of God whose ways you may not understand at the time.

Oswald Chambers

Genesis 22:15-18, Exodus 19:5, Romans 5:19, and Deuteronomy 11:1
God has a predetermined unique purpose for each of his children to accomplish, a purpose that will require steadfast obedience to His word. Unfortunately, many people fail to reach their full potential because of disobedience that detrimentally impacts their lives. Deliberate obedience is the key to success in every aspect of the life of a believer. If we obey the Word of God, allowing it to be our guide, we will experience great success; we will avoid shame and forgo undue stress. Committing to God’s authority and the authority of those to whom we are subordinate, we will avert decisions and actions that can have long-term negative results.
Contrary to popular belief, obedience and disobedience are choices that we intentionally make. We cannot pray for God to infuse His will and way into us. We must deliberately choose to obey God and those who have authority over us. Nearly every blessing the Bible promises to God’s people has a condition attached to it. This means it will entail some type of action on our part. Salvation is not passive, but it demands our active cooperation and commitment so that we can enjoy all of the benefits we are entitled to as believers. God simply cannot bless men who transgress His will and word.
Obedience is the act of conforming to the command of a superior out of regard for his or her authority. Christians are to coincide with God’s ways as directed in His word. Ideally, we are motivated to obey God because of our love and gratitude for Him. We must master the ability to submit to authority before we can acquire positions of authority or experience significant success in life. It does not matter if the authority figure is on our job, in our church, in our community, or in our home. At some point in our lives, we must subject ourselves to someone else’s authority. Submitting to authority is a mechanism God often uses to prepare us for victorious living and promotion.

There is a constant war between our flesh and our spirit man. The only way to remain in the spirit is to crucify (die to) our flesh daily by practicing obedience. God promises cursing for disobedience (see Adam in Genesis 3:17) and blessings for obedience (Abraham in Gen 22:15-18). Romans 5:19 reminds us that one man’s (Adam’s) disobedience caused it to be necessary for Christ to come and die for our sins. Our predisposition to sin is our inheritance from Adam. If we do not study the word of God daily, we will not experience the transformation acquired through obedience. Consequently, we will default back into our sin nature, which causes stagnation and mediocrity. In Exodus 19:5 God promises His people that if we obey his voice and keep his covenant, then we shall be a special treasure above all people. Additionally, Deuteronomy 11:13-15 assures us that God will always reward those who obey and love Him.images

Disobedience is the number one cause of the troubles we encounter in life. Even Satan, our adversary, has less influence regarding these challenges. We often consciously choose to conduct our lives contrary to God’s word. In order to experience the deliverance we seek from God, we have a role to play in acquiring our freedom. For example, if someone would like to remain delivered from pornography or drugs, that individual will need to make a deliberate decision to stay away from anything that will provide opportunity to indulge in that behavior. If an individual is attempting to live a life free of fornication, as scripture directs, he or she ought to avoid all occasions and conversations that could possibly lead to such actions. Poor decisions made in the heat of the moment can have permanent results and can cause difficult challenges for future generations. Stop acting as if we are the only ones affected by our decisions. By simply obeying the laws and principles outlined in the Bible, we will achieve the success we seek and receive the promises that God describes in His word.

The life of obedience leads to eternal life, salvation, joy and prosperity. The obedient life will take time, passion, and practice. By contrast, the life of disobedience will lead to a life of curses, poverty, lack and wasted time. How are you spending your time? How do you prioritize your day? Time is the true measure of life. Failure to establish correct priorities causes you to waste your time and energy. Refuse to waste the time God has given you.
Self-evaluation (Galations 4:6) through the lens of the Holy Spirit is the best way to know if our walk is an obedient one. We must thoroughly consider our decisions before we pursue them. Furthermore, it is essential to first seek the kingdom of God before all other pursuits (Matthew 6:33) are undertaken. We must train ourselves to put the potential consequences of our decisions at the forefront of our minds. We should live a life that will inspire others to want to follow Christ by our obedience. As we do this, we will live a life that pleases God and one that will bring Him the glory.



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