We Started In Our Home; Second Chance Alliance

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Empower A Felon
Empower A Felon

Famous Garage Startups:

#1 Amazon
#2 Apple
#3 Disney

About 45 minutes down the road from Disneyland Park in Anaheim, CA, there’s a house in Los Angeles where The Walt Disney Company got its start.

In 1923, the house belonged to Walt Disney’s uncle, Robert Disney. Walt and his brother Roy moved in with their uncle and set up “The First Disney Studio” in the one-car garage out back. There they started filming the Alice Comedies which was part of the original Alice’s Wonderland.

May & I started this vision while displaced and uncertain about sheer survival. I went on 205 interviews with fortune 500 companies. I even worked for a company 4 hrs. running a purification process as a machine operator bottling water. The supervisor said you improved our process and made more quality product than our 3 operators. He asked me when can you start? I was very transparent about my past. I past the written text and drug screen and physical, but when it was time to get the offer and sign for the position I was told we can’t hire a felon. I took a stand for religious liberties honoring the Sabbath. We were propelled into homelessness and destitution. God and a loving family accepted a student and a out of work engineer, (both felon’s) into their home and community. We began to pursue education about this cause and my wife is about to graduate Argosy university with a psychology major and substance abuse minor. I have an associates degree in Human Behavior and B.S. in Chemical Engineering.

We are now in a new home and awaiting the blessing of getting this business up and running in a facility with May’s name on her office door. We are dreaming big because we have been impregnated with this vision from on high. So like Disney and the 10 garage start-ups we will tarry though the vision seems out of reach. Our faith is in the things we can’t see. Our restoration to this point was birthed by faith.

Today, Disney is the highest-grossing media conglomerate in the world.

MORE THAN 600,000 individuals will leave state prisons and return home this year. That is 1,600 a day, and a sixfold increase in prisoner releases since 1970. Of course, inmates have always been released from prison, and corrections officials have long struggled with how to facilitate successful transitions. But the current situation is decidedly different. The increase in number of releasees has stretched parole services beyond their limits, and officials worry about what assistance can be provided at release. Research confirms that returning prisoners need more help than in the past, yet resources have diminished. Returning prisoners will have served longer prison sentences than in the past, be more disconnected from family and friends, have a higher prevalence of untreated substance abuse and mental illness, and be less educated and employable than their predecessors. Legal and practical barriers facing ex-offenders have also increased, affecting their employment, housing, and welfare eligibility. Without help, many released inmates quickly return to crime.

This video though low budget is as transparent as one can be. We are not ashamed of the gospel nor of the tools at our disposal. If you can not see us with your funds to put to good use. Then think about this:

Over time, the impact of reducing recidivism is substantial when considering the average cost of housing an inmate is $60.73* per day. With a median sentence of 2.5 years, the average cost savings could be as much as $55,428 per inmate.” (4) On one hand, many lives are being ruined in a vicious and expensive cycle of crime and punishment, and on the other, taxpayers’ money is being used to finance it — a losing scenario for the prisoners, government, and society. If that same $55,428 was used to invest in programs like Construction Career Training Program, there would be a direct increase in the number of ex-offenders that could be served.

Reduce Recidivism: Invest in Life Changes
Community re-entry programs for ex-offenders are vital and necessary to not only reduce the recidivism rate but to also teach the ex-offender how to become a productive, contributing member of society. Thousands of ex-offenders are released back into our communities, every day. The rate of recidivism in the United States is estimated to be about two-thirds, which means that two-thirds of released inmates will be re-incarcerated within three years. Recidivate means to return to a previous pattern of behavior, especially to return to criminal habits. The recidivism rate increases when an ex-offender commits another crime and re-enters the criminal justice system and returns back to prison. Studies show that if an offender is not rehabilitated or educated, they are highly likely to be re-incarcerated or recidivate.

We are proof that education fueled with a positive support group that holds you accountable to the faith in Jesus Christ and each other works. Thank God for Kansas Ave. SDA and Crown of Life Ministries. Let’s put Second Chance Alliance in some hearts so we can get this same testimony from them.


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