Will I be Remembered? Happy Veterans Day!!!!

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From Armistice to Veterans, as one veteran to all, I salute you all!! We should honor ourselves’ for keeping our flag free and secure, we are the courageous men and women who fought and died for the idealism of liberty and freedom for all.

I thank you veterans for not being selfish with your lives and believing in our nation’s freedom.

And, for those in the tomb of the unknowns, thank you for the historical significance you’ve made. We will celebrate and honor our unknown American veterans of all wars and for their patriotism, love of nation, and sacrifice you and your families have made for the common good of our nation.

May we laugh, cry and remember on this day, November 11th, our experiences and memories.

It was the veteran, who saluted our flag, who served under our flag and who will be remembered under our nation’s flag.

I salute all my fallen and still living comrades of seal team 5. I salute all vets today who gave and sre still giving. This is a painful day for me. I have suffered so much while serving and even more when I got home. This is a guy who funeral was today and he had no one to come to his funeral. A blast went out to all through several news papers and I am elated about the comrades who showed their support.


One thought on “Will I be Remembered? Happy Veterans Day!!!!

    Jason B. Ladd said:
    November 12, 2013 at 3:09 pm

    You might relate to this poem about families and absence, “While He’s Away: A Poem About Being Gone.” http://wp.me/p3BzWN-lB

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