The Manosphere’s Largest Political Influence

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It is typically assumed that The Manosphere, as it evolves and gains steam, will somehow “counteract” feminism. But the truth is we don’t have such grandiose hopes or dreams of it bringing the universe “back to balance” in some kind of Jedi Knight sort of way. Matter of fact we have no dreams at all, truthfully. It is really just more of a visceral and self-respecting backlash against the communist tyranny cowardly and hypocritically disguised under the cloak of “women’s rights.” Men don’t carry out “crusades” of a political sort. We just fight back our enemies till they don’t bother us again and get back to enjoying our lives (feminists should take note of that).

However, I did realize something and was able to connect two VERY FAR apart dots. And this connection made me realize just how much of a threat The Manosphere is NOT to feminism, but to the general trend and political movement of socialism, communism and tyranny. A threat most liberals and leftists are completely unaware of.

Most of you right now are thinking that this must go through the eye of “feminism=socialism veiled for women’s rights attack destroy” sort of thing. While that is true AND The Manosphere does fight against socialism in that way, the two dots I connected are much further apart, completely different, AND much more significant.


Black men, and by extension, minority men.

Anecdotal evidence started piling up as I entered The Manosphere. Houseboy was an ounce of ingredient. My readership being disproportionately black/Hispanic/minority was another ounce of ingredient. And it wasn’t until I saw some traffic coming from this that I realized I was genuinely onto something and my observation was most likely true.

In short, black men are pissed.

Pissed at what?

How black women treat them.

And it is here that I must take the liberty of consolidating an infinite amount socio-political observations of millions of black men and hope that I don’t miss the mark too much.

In short, black American men are further down the feminist rabbit hole than any other American male racial group. Specifically, government feminist policies that, in short, replace the father and men with a government check. Please point to me a community where government check replacing a man has been more successful than in the black community. Single motherhood is the standard with 70% of black births being out of wedlock. Politicians at the state, federal and local levels are all too eager to show how much they care for not just “heroic” single mothers, but single MINORITY mothers to garnish more votes and bribery money. The results to anybody who has been paying attention is obvious. Black men have literally been replaced by the government. They have been discarded, they have been outsourced, they have been replaced by society.

But what is the cost?

Frankly, MULTIPLE lost AND ALIENATED generations of black males.

With generation after generation of black males brought up without fathers, who are taught they are nothing, who have nothing to look up to or mold themselves after, and can simply be replaced with a government check, can you imagine the psychological destitution and torment this wreaks upon a male psychology?

Furthermore, how do you compete?

“Compete against what?” you might ask?

Compete against the politician who uses the trillions of dollars of taxpayer money to pose as the ultra-wealthy bachelor suitor you can never beat. No one single man (again, regardless of skin color) can beat the politician who has access to trillions of dollars of taxpayer money and promises it to you and your children (as long as you vote for him). No strings attached, no discipline or “father is the head of the household” necessary. No, just “here’s the money sweetheart, vote for me!”

Meanwhile black males are relegated (sadly, and I don’t mean this to sound derogatory, but to point out the truth and sadness of it all) to sperm donors with nothing much else to live for.

And you wonder why crime is higher amongst black males.

The reason is there’s nothing left to live for. There’s nothing great or better than themselves. No wife, no family, no children, no future. Thank you politician douchebag for stealing my woman, stealing my family, stealing my children and stealing my future. What else do I have to pursue in my life?

Now, I’m not socio-psychologist. But in my philosophizing and mental meandering I have realized that it is other people that matter the most. Have the most advanced X-Box 360 game, nothing is more engaging, entertaining and mentally stimulating than another human. Humans are dynamic, they are not finite or programmed like an X-Box and they conscientiously CHOOSE to spend their time with you IF they deem you WORTHY enough to hang out with. And that is the TRUE proof or “reward” to another human being that they are worth something. That somebody else “confirms” or “corroborates” that you are a worthwhile human being in the fact they spend their time with you.

Now ask yourself.

What kind of message do we send to the average black man (or any man, I guess) when we tell him that his intellect, his persona, his soul and his personality doesn’t even compare to a government check. That a piece of paper that warrants purchase of other goods is better than him himself.

Well I’ll tell you what that tells him. “You’re a worthless and COMPLETELY unnecessary POS.”

We getting anywhere here now? We starting to realize the situation here?

Now, my political conclusion or “epiphany” should be pretty obvious by now.

Black (and minority men, as well as all men) have been completely screwed over by feminism. However, in the fact that for all men a wife and (maybe) family is the ultimate, darwinistically programmed goal into their genetic DNA, many of them are waking up to the fact that modern day feminism is a bunch of bullshit. Feminism is against a male father figure, it is against men simply being men, and it PREFERS to replace men with the government. However – and this is where the VERY INTERESTING political ramifications come in – NO OTHER RACIAL GROUP has suffered MORE THAN BLACKS under FEMINISM which is NOTHING MORE THAN SOCIALISM DISGUISED UNDER THE RUSE OF “WOMEN’S RIGHTS.”

So what do you think black males are going to do?

My humble opinion is that black males will wake up, if not (by evidence of the links above) they already have. And the primary reason is because political socialism, under the guise of feminism, has destroyed anything for them to live for. Socialists/democrats have taken away their would-be wives, and thus, their would-be children. Socialism under the guise of “feminism” have taken away their families and thus taken away any sort of future for them. And it is here that The Manosphere I believe has it largest potential.

Forget fighting feminism

Forget fighting against single motherhood.

Forget whatever feminist goal post we wish to destroy.

The true political influence of The Manosphere is that we delivered the red pill to black males (as well as all other minority males).

And can you imagine what would happen to the political dynamics of the US if all of the sudden all black American males started to man up and started voting republican?

It is here I believe that political bonds are stronger via gender than race. If push comes to shove EVERY man wishes to have the same thing. If the Chinese were to invade, a whole lot of racist blacks and a whole lot of racist whites would set aside their differences and repel the red horde.

I ask why can’t we unite to fight the much more serious, realistic and present communist feminist horde?


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