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In the trial of Trayvon, the US is guilty – Opinion

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When I was a child I watched policemen beat a man nearly to death, and I watched my country acquit them. I was shocked that police would attack a man instead of defending him. I was shocked that someone would record the attack on video and that this video would mean nothing. I was shocked that people could watch things and not really see them. I was shocked because I was a child. I was shocked because I am white.

Twenty-one years after the Rodney King verdict, Americans have proven again that in a court of law, perception matters more than proof. Perception is rooted in power, a power bestowed upon birth, rectified through experience, and verified through discrimination masked as fairness and fact.

Trayvon Martin is dead and the man who killed him walks free. Americans are afraid there will be riots, like there were after the King verdict in 1992. But we should not fear riots. We should fear a society that puts people on trial the day they are born. And after they die.

Recession-fueled racism

The Trayvon Martin trial was not supposed to happen. This is true in two respects. The Trayvon Martin trial only took place because public outrage prompted Florida police to arrest George Zimmerman, the man who killed him, over a month after Martin’s death. The Trayvon Martin trial took place because that same public went on to try Martin in his own murder, assessing his morality like it precluded his right to live. It was never a trial of George Zimmerman. It was always a trial of Trayvon Martin, always a character assassination of the dead.

Over the past few decades, the US has turned into a country where the circumstances into which you are born increasingly determine who you can become. Social mobility has stalled as wages stagnate and the cost of living soars. Exponential increases in university tuition have erased the possibility of education as a path out of poverty. These are not revelations – these are hard limitations faced by most Americans. But when confronted with systematic social and economic discrimination, even on a massive scale, the individual is often blamed. The poor, the unemployed, the lacking are vilified for the things they lack.

One might assume that rising privation would increase public empathy toward minorities long denied a semblance of a fair shot. But instead, overt racism and racial barriers in America have increased since the recession. Denied by the Supreme Court, invalidated in the eyes of many by the election of a black president, racism erases the individual until the individual is dead, where he is then recast as the enemy.

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Trayvon Martin was vilified for being “Trayvon Martin”. If he were considered a fully human being, a person of inherent worth, it would be the US on trial. For its denial of opportunity, for its ceaseless condemnation of the suffering, for its demonization of the people it abandons, for its shifting gaze from the burden of proof. The Trayvon Martin case only sanctioned what was once tacit and disavowed. A young black man can be murdered on perception. A young black man becomes the criminal so that the real criminal can go free.

Americans should not fear riots. They should fear a society that ranks the death of children. They should fear a society that shrugs, carries on, and lets them go.

A tragedy

A friend of mine on Facebook posts updates from a website called ” Black and Missing but Not Forgotten “. The site exists because the default assumption is that a black and missing child will be forgotten. It exists because the disappearance of a black child is considered less important than the disappearance of a white child. It exists because a large number of Americans has to be reminded that black children are human beings.

In June, the Supreme Court invalidated part of the Voting Rights Act , stating that “our country has changed”, implying that discrimination against African-Americans was a thing of the past. In May, the city of Chicago shut down majority black public schools. In April, a black high school student, Kiera Wilmont, was prosecuted as an adult after her science project exploded. In February, The Onion called nine-year-old black actress Quvenzhane Wallis an extremely vulgar name. The US that proclaims racism a thing of the past abandons and vilifies black children.

Many Americans, of many races, will be outraged that George Zimmerman has gone free. They will advocate for tolerance and peace. This is a noble sentiment, but what the US needs is a cold, hard look at social structure. We need to examine and eliminate barriers to opportunity, some of which are racially biased in an overt way, but many of which are downplayed because they are considered ambiguous social issues – social issues, like decaying public schools, low-wage labor and unemployment, that affect African-Americans at disproportionate rates.

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Trayvon Martin was murdered before we could see what kind of person he would become. But the truth is, he had a hard road ahead of him no matter what he did. He would have confronted an America of racial and class barriers that even the most ambitious young man cannot override without a good deal of luck.

In a US of diminished opportunities, luck is nothing to bank on. Neither is hope, or dreams, or the idea, espoused by President Obama, that for young black men, “there’s no longer any room for excuses”. Trayvon Martin shows that there is plenty of room for excuses. There is even more room for social and economic reform, for accountability, and for change.

Above all, there is room for responsibility. The death of Trayvon Martin is a US tragedy. He was part of a broken system we all experience, but that black Americans experience in ways white Americans cannot fathom. The children who grow up like Trayvon Martin, discriminated against and denied opportunity, are everyone’s responsibility. Providing them a fairer, safer future should be a public priority.

Americans should not fear riots. They should fear apathy. They should fear acquiescence. They should not fear each other. But it is understandable, now, that they do.

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The Manosphere’s Largest Political Influence

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It is typically assumed that The Manosphere, as it evolves and gains steam, will somehow “counteract” feminism. But the truth is we don’t have such grandiose hopes or dreams of it bringing the universe “back to balance” in some kind of Jedi Knight sort of way. Matter of fact we have no dreams at all, truthfully. It is really just more of a visceral and self-respecting backlash against the communist tyranny cowardly and hypocritically disguised under the cloak of “women’s rights.” Men don’t carry out “crusades” of a political sort. We just fight back our enemies till they don’t bother us again and get back to enjoying our lives (feminists should take note of that).

However, I did realize something and was able to connect two VERY FAR apart dots. And this connection made me realize just how much of a threat The Manosphere is NOT to feminism, but to the general trend and political movement of socialism, communism and tyranny. A threat most liberals and leftists are completely unaware of.

Most of you right now are thinking that this must go through the eye of “feminism=socialism veiled for women’s rights attack destroy” sort of thing. While that is true AND The Manosphere does fight against socialism in that way, the two dots I connected are much further apart, completely different, AND much more significant.


Black men, and by extension, minority men.

Anecdotal evidence started piling up as I entered The Manosphere. Houseboy was an ounce of ingredient. My readership being disproportionately black/Hispanic/minority was another ounce of ingredient. And it wasn’t until I saw some traffic coming from this that I realized I was genuinely onto something and my observation was most likely true.

In short, black men are pissed.

Pissed at what?

How black women treat them.

And it is here that I must take the liberty of consolidating an infinite amount socio-political observations of millions of black men and hope that I don’t miss the mark too much.

In short, black American men are further down the feminist rabbit hole than any other American male racial group. Specifically, government feminist policies that, in short, replace the father and men with a government check. Please point to me a community where government check replacing a man has been more successful than in the black community. Single motherhood is the standard with 70% of black births being out of wedlock. Politicians at the state, federal and local levels are all too eager to show how much they care for not just “heroic” single mothers, but single MINORITY mothers to garnish more votes and bribery money. The results to anybody who has been paying attention is obvious. Black men have literally been replaced by the government. They have been discarded, they have been outsourced, they have been replaced by society.

But what is the cost?

Frankly, MULTIPLE lost AND ALIENATED generations of black males.

With generation after generation of black males brought up without fathers, who are taught they are nothing, who have nothing to look up to or mold themselves after, and can simply be replaced with a government check, can you imagine the psychological destitution and torment this wreaks upon a male psychology?

Furthermore, how do you compete?

“Compete against what?” you might ask?

Compete against the politician who uses the trillions of dollars of taxpayer money to pose as the ultra-wealthy bachelor suitor you can never beat. No one single man (again, regardless of skin color) can beat the politician who has access to trillions of dollars of taxpayer money and promises it to you and your children (as long as you vote for him). No strings attached, no discipline or “father is the head of the household” necessary. No, just “here’s the money sweetheart, vote for me!”

Meanwhile black males are relegated (sadly, and I don’t mean this to sound derogatory, but to point out the truth and sadness of it all) to sperm donors with nothing much else to live for.

And you wonder why crime is higher amongst black males.

The reason is there’s nothing left to live for. There’s nothing great or better than themselves. No wife, no family, no children, no future. Thank you politician douchebag for stealing my woman, stealing my family, stealing my children and stealing my future. What else do I have to pursue in my life?

Now, I’m not socio-psychologist. But in my philosophizing and mental meandering I have realized that it is other people that matter the most. Have the most advanced X-Box 360 game, nothing is more engaging, entertaining and mentally stimulating than another human. Humans are dynamic, they are not finite or programmed like an X-Box and they conscientiously CHOOSE to spend their time with you IF they deem you WORTHY enough to hang out with. And that is the TRUE proof or “reward” to another human being that they are worth something. That somebody else “confirms” or “corroborates” that you are a worthwhile human being in the fact they spend their time with you.

Now ask yourself.

What kind of message do we send to the average black man (or any man, I guess) when we tell him that his intellect, his persona, his soul and his personality doesn’t even compare to a government check. That a piece of paper that warrants purchase of other goods is better than him himself.

Well I’ll tell you what that tells him. “You’re a worthless and COMPLETELY unnecessary POS.”

We getting anywhere here now? We starting to realize the situation here?

Now, my political conclusion or “epiphany” should be pretty obvious by now.

Black (and minority men, as well as all men) have been completely screwed over by feminism. However, in the fact that for all men a wife and (maybe) family is the ultimate, darwinistically programmed goal into their genetic DNA, many of them are waking up to the fact that modern day feminism is a bunch of bullshit. Feminism is against a male father figure, it is against men simply being men, and it PREFERS to replace men with the government. However – and this is where the VERY INTERESTING political ramifications come in – NO OTHER RACIAL GROUP has suffered MORE THAN BLACKS under FEMINISM which is NOTHING MORE THAN SOCIALISM DISGUISED UNDER THE RUSE OF “WOMEN’S RIGHTS.”

So what do you think black males are going to do?

My humble opinion is that black males will wake up, if not (by evidence of the links above) they already have. And the primary reason is because political socialism, under the guise of feminism, has destroyed anything for them to live for. Socialists/democrats have taken away their would-be wives, and thus, their would-be children. Socialism under the guise of “feminism” have taken away their families and thus taken away any sort of future for them. And it is here that The Manosphere I believe has it largest potential.

Forget fighting feminism

Forget fighting against single motherhood.

Forget whatever feminist goal post we wish to destroy.

The true political influence of The Manosphere is that we delivered the red pill to black males (as well as all other minority males).

And can you imagine what would happen to the political dynamics of the US if all of the sudden all black American males started to man up and started voting republican?

It is here I believe that political bonds are stronger via gender than race. If push comes to shove EVERY man wishes to have the same thing. If the Chinese were to invade, a whole lot of racist blacks and a whole lot of racist whites would set aside their differences and repel the red horde.

I ask why can’t we unite to fight the much more serious, realistic and present communist feminist horde?

Your Change is Coming

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Change can be very hard. The world is changing so quickly that we awaken with new anxieties each day. Rick Joyner once said that, “change is coming on the world so fast, that the only thing we can count on is change.”

Change even affects the church. Worship music is changing. Worship service is changing. Denominations are changing. Teaching methods are changing. And some of the changes are good, and very good. And others are not so good. We’re all familiar with the expression, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.” Sometimes that’s how it feels in the church. We can be too quick to adapt to worldly influence, especially in the area of music, and in the process we are throwing out the old traditions that moved our parents and grandparents from sin to salvation.

We serve a God of tradition AND a God of change. He is ever changing His methods to reach the lost and dieing, but His message always stays the same.

The most dramatic change a man may face in his lifetime is the change from sinner to saint. God desires that all mankind would experience this change, and He never stops trying to reach each of us with His special delivery message of love. The trouble is that many people miss their opportunity to experience this transformation. So I thought we’d examine the story of Abram’s change to Abraham, to single out the three steps God uses to change a man.

God did three things with Abram that changed his whole life. First, He communicated with Abram; second, He converted Abram; and third, He consecrated Abram.

God communicated with Abram. God can’t do a thing with us until He first establishes a line of communication with us. God actually spoke to Abram, and he listened. He responded positively to God’s conversation. He paid attention and demonstrated his interest in what God had to say. I know what you’re thinking. “If God spoke to me, I’d listen too!” But God speaks to us every day through His Word, and many Christians pick and choose what they will listen to.

• God tells teens to honor their father and their mother, but some just decide to ignore God.
• God tells us to bridle our tongue and refrain from gossip, but some flap their jaws anyway.
• God tells us to be faithful to the church and “forsake not the assembling of yourselves together”, but some visit church only on Christmas, Mother’s Day and Easter. They have a denomination all their own…we call them CME Christians.
• God tells us to forgive our enemies, but we hold grudges for decades.
• God tells us to be faithful to the tithe, but we leave a tip.
• God tells us not to steal, but we take the extra sweeteners from the restaurant so we don’t have to buy them at the supermarket.
• God tells us not to commit adultery, but we buy Harlequin novels, and watch Rated R movies, and listen to music with suggestive lyrics.
God IS speaking to us. The problem is that we have trouble listening. God spoke to all mankind from Calvary’s mountain, through the sacrifice of His only Begotten Son on the Cross. If that doesn’t get our attention, what will?

God said to Abram, “Walk before me, and be thou perfect.” And Abram HEARD God. God may be speaking to you right now. If He is…your change is coming!

God converted Abram. Once God has your attention, He’s not going to leave you in your present state. He’s going to cause a change in you. He’s going to transform you from someone who has a deaf ear to His word, to someone who HEARS His Word and desires to know more about Him. You can be sure that once God’s conversion process is started…your change is coming!

Once God had Abram’s attention, He converted ABRAM from just a FATHER, and changed his name to ABRAHAM, which meant FATHER OF MANY NATIONS.

When God starts to change you, He may have to take away some things.
• He may have to take away a lying tongue.
• He may have to take away a taste for alcohol and crack or weed
• He may have to take away a fondness for gossip.
• He may have to take away a hardened heart.
But He won’t leave you empty. He’ll replace the emptiness with love, joy, peace, patience, meekness, goodness and more…much more!

God made a covenant with man through Abraham…the purpose of which was to be a binding contract between God and His creation, Man. And it changed everything. For New Testament believers…(pause) turn to your neighbor and say, THAT’S US! …(continue) we have a new covenant through Jesus Christ. Our covenant changed everything too. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” In other words, if you accept Christ….your change is coming!

God wants us to change. He wants us to move our lives forward, away from the pain of the past, away from past regrets, away from temptation and sin. God wants to transform us into men and women who act wisely, who live holy, who speak sweetly, and who perform dutifully. He wants us to achieve the utmost that he wants for us.

Which brings me to the third thing God did for Abraham. He consecrated Abraham for service. He didn’t give the details of His plan to Abraham in advance. He just said, “Get up and Go!” And Abraham went. He trusted God. Faith is that pause between knowing what God’s plan is and seeing it actually take place. So Abraham took his new faith, and obeyed God without knowing where it would lead him. He left the familiar city he had called home, the city of UR, and he traveled to a new destination as yet unrevealed by God, because God had consecrated, or set him apart, for a great work.

God wants each of us to reach the destiny He has chosen for us. But He doesn’t convert us and put us on auto-pilot, just because we belong to Him. As Christians, we have to cooperate and participate with the plan of God, so we can move toward all that He has for us.

That’s what Abraham did! He cooperated with God. He put God first, followed the covenant agreement God laid out for him, and sought to live separated from the world…separate and PERFECT.

Each of us has a God-given destiny for success. It’s part of the inheritance we have as God’s children under the new covenant. It’s a spiritual inheritance that showers us with blessings of love, joy, peace and other fruits of the spirit. But it is also an inheritance that provides for us material things…houses, land, and other things for our general comfort. Material things are just as important for the advancement of God’s kingdom as are the spiritual things. Your job is to be like Abraham, and possess the portion that God has given to YOU…and if you obey and follow, your change is coming!

God gave Abram a new ear to hear God’s voice; a new name with which to sign a new covenant, and a new assignment.

God wants to do the same for you! He’s using the same three steps that He used with Abraham.

Step One – Hear His voice!
Step two – Be converted through belief in His Son, Jesus Christ.
Step Three – Be consecrated, and claim your inheritance.

There’s a change in the wind, and it’s a good change.
For some, it’s the voice of God calling you to listen and heed.
For others, it’s the voice of God saying, “Get up and get moving!”

Just because God desires for you to have something, that doesn’t make it a GIVEN that you’ll get it. You have to become an active participant in the process. God is sovereign…YES! He is the Author and Creator of our existence…YES. But God gave you FREE WILL. You were not created as a puppet…but as a participant. To claim your inheritance, you have to REACT and then you have to REACH.

Run to the end:
Abraham had FREE WILL. He could have disobeyed God, but he chose to obey, to trust, and to travel. Maybe its time for you to put on your traveling shoes, and move forward to where God wants YOU to go, not just materially, but spiritually.

If you hear God’s voice, your change is coming!
If you trust God’s promise, your change is coming.
If you submit to God’s Will, your change is coming.
If you bask in God’s peace, your change is coming!
If you embrace God’s love, your change is coming!
If you succumb to God’s power, your change is coming!
If you focus on God’s hope; your change is coming!
If you surrender to God’s grace, your change is coming!

Why did Marissa Alexander get a 20-year sentence despite invoking ‘Stand Your Ground’?

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It’s been 50 years and we as a nation of people of a dark decent haven’t made any head way to equality. I am so appalled at the tragedy of this “Young black man” that never got to say good night mom and dad. It’s been 50 years and we still can see the water hoses being sprayed on us because we want justice and equality. Its been 50 years and I can see our struggle still existing.

I served this country well, distinguished service. I came home to nothing but the same thing that was here when I left. I turned 50 this year and I am seeing my young black men, babies being executed. I see the puzzle being set-up for future blacks and humans to be locked up or on drugs or families subjected to war torn country mental abuse. “STAND YOUR GROUND” Jesus love “US”.

Late Saturday evening, George Zimmerman was found not guilty in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The issue of self-defense played a central role in Zimmerman’s not guilty plea and his defense’s argument against the second-degree murder charges, and his acquittal is drawing comparisons in the media to the verdict of another high-profile Florida shooting incident: the case of Marissa Alexander.

Alexander, an African-American Florida woman, was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2012 for shooting what she described as warning shots into a wall during a confrontation with her husband. Alexander’s lawyers claimed self-defense in the case, and said her husband had a history of abuse in their relationship. They invoked Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, which gives people the right to use lethal force if they feel their life is threatened. The jury ultimately sided with prosecutors in deciding Alexander’s actions were not in self-defense, WJXT reported.

Her sentencing fell under the guidelines of what’s known in Florida as the “10-20-Life” law, which set certain mandatory minimum sentences for crimes committed with a firearm. The law enacted in 1999 requires that any crime committed with a gun earns the perpetrator a minimum ten year sentence, as the Florida Department of Corrections explains. If the firearm is discharged, the convicted will receive a 20-year minimum sentence, and if shots fired from the gun injure or kill anyone, the minimum sentence is 25-years to life.

Angela Corey, who oversaw the prosecution of Zimmerman, also tried the case against Alexander, and defended the sentencing at the time.

“When she [Alexander] discharges a firearm in the direction of human beings, the legislature says it’s dangerous,” Corey said, according to the Florida Times-Union. “And one of the reasons is because the bullet went through the wall where one of the children was standing. It happened to deflect up into the ceiling, but if it had deflected down it could have hit one of the children.”


•Baptist minister and civil rights leader who preaches leftwing politics
•Admires and publicly honors leftists like Danny Glover and Cynthia McKinney
•Rallied to defense of Jean-Bertrand Aristide while condemning the U.S.

Born in 1922 in Alabama, the Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth emerged as one of the most active and storied figures of the early civil rights movement. In 1957 Shuttlesworth allied with Martin Luther King, Jr., Ralph David Abernathy, and Bayard Rustin to found the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). It was the late Dr. King who would describe the famously fiery Shuttlesworth as the “most courageous civil rights fighter in the South,” a distinction well earned by the man who survived bombing attempts, vicious beatings by chain-wielding racists, and widespread discrimination in his fight to further the cause of black civil rights and overturn America’s Jim Crow laws. The story of Shuttlesworth’s civil rights activism was later chronicled in a 1999 biography, by Andrew M. Manis, titled A Fire You Can’t Put Out: The Civil Rights Life of Birmingham’s Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth.

These accomplishments notwithstanding, Shuttlesworth’s stint as the president of the SCLC would make for a decidedly less inspired book. After the SCLC’s board of directors suspended Shuttlesworth in early November 2004, he resigned in bitterness over the financial mismanagement and internal bickering that had marred the organization’s operations in recent years. Lamenting that the SCLC was at “the low point in its history,” Shuttlesworth penned an incendiary resignation letter in which he charged: “For years, deceit, mistrust and a lack of spiritual discipline and truth have eaten away at the core of this once-hallowed organization.”

Shuttlesworth was far less forthcoming about his own responsibility for the SCLC’s much-maligned reputation. In March of 2004, for instance, he enlisted his credentials as a respected civil rights leader in the service of defending Haitian dictator Jean-Bertrand Aristide. Working in partnership with the Congressional Black Caucus, Shuttlesworth, rather than condemning the crimes of the Aristide government—which included fraudulent elections, pervasive drug running, and a banking racket that had brought about the ruin of the country’s diminutive middle class—chastised the United States, calling for a special investigation to look into the U.S. role in Aristide’s ouster. Demonstrating the kind of moral equivalency that has become a cornerstone of the SCLC in recent years, Shuttlesworth saw fit to draw parallels between Haitian autocracy and American democracy in order to score a political point against the U.S. government.

Claimed Shuttlesworth, “As a nation of laws, we cannot randomly choose when to stand up for the principles of Democracy. How can we in good consciousness claim to be building a democratic society in Afghanistan and Iraq on the other side of the world, while sitting idly by while a democratically elected leader is forced from office less than two hundred miles from the shores of the United States. Such conduct further weakens the United State’s moral authority to hold countries accountable for human rights abuses.”

Nor did Shuttlesworth confine himself to this diatribe. Indulging a penchant for race-baiting that has become the SCLC’s modus operandi, Shuttlesworth unsubtly intimated that the Bush administration’s unwillingness to abide the Aristide regime was actuated by an underlying indifference to the welfare of blacks: “In reality we should not expect anything else from this current administration, as it has done nothing to protect the interests of people of African descent,” Shuttlesworth proclaimed.

Shuttlesworth is a great admirer of such leftist activists as Danny Glover. Though a notorious apologist for the human rights abuses perpetrated by Cuba’s Stalinist regime, the actor was deemed a worthy recipient of the Fred Shuttlesworth Human Rights Award, which he received, in November 2003, at a gala dinner in Birmingham, Alabama. And Glover was not the only leftist activist commended by Shuttlesworth. At the SCLC’s 46th annual convention in August 2004, organized by Shuttlesworth as a de facto campaign for the Democratic Party (and featuring an address by Democratic Vice Presidential nominee John Edwards), a “Human Rights Luncheon” honored none other than Cynthia McKinney, a hard-left congresswoman from Georgia who accused President Bush of having had prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks but remaining silent about it.

On occasion, Shuttlesworth himself has not been above casting unfounded aspersions on his political foes. Seeking to mobilize black voters against the administration of George W. Bush, Shuttlesworth, in his editorial in the Spring 2004 issue of SCLC Magazine, suggested that the President had not been legitimately elected. “It will be a time for people to know that not all of those who gained high offices in 2000 were the true victors,” Shuttlesworth wrote. Channeling the rage for which he was known in the civil rights era, Shuttlesworth insisted in the same editorial that black Americans were “oppressed minorities,” and exhorted black voters to “organize, mobilize, and agitate for our people’s total Freedom!”