I Don’t Know What’s Best For Me!

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winds“Learn then this basic truth, that the Creator is absolute Sovereign, executing His own will, performing His own pleasure, and considering naught but His own glory. “The Lord hath made all things FOR HIMSELF. (Prov 16:4). And had He not a perfect right to do so? Since God is God, who dare challenge His prerogative? To murmur against Him is rank rebellion. To question His ways is to impugn His wisdom. To criticize Him is sin of the deepest dye. Have we forgotten who He is?” (p.30).

“Because God governs inanimate matter… when we complain about the weather, we are, in reality, murmuring against God”
Psalm 103:19

New International Version (NIV)

19 The Lord has established his throne in heaven,
and his kingdom rules over all.

Pastor Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago… by PastorCharlesJenkins-Official

Some time ago as I went out my door in the early spring, a blast of easterly wind rounded the corner. It seemed defiant and merciless and was fierce and dry, raising a cloud of dust ahead of it. As I removed the key from the door, I quite impatiently began to say, ” I wish the wind would…”What I was about to say was change, but my thought was stopped and the sentence was never finished.

As I continue on my way, this incident became a parable for me. I imagined an angel handing me a key and saying, “My Master sends you His love and asked me to give you this. “Wondering, I asked, “What is it?””It is the key to the winds,” the angel said and then disappeared. My first thought was, “This indeed will bring me happiness.” So I hurried high into the hills to the source of the winds and stood amid the caves. I proclaimed, “I will do away with the terrible east wind–it will never plague us again!” I summoned that unfriendly wind to me, closed the door behind it, and heard it echoing through the hollow caves. As I turned the key, triumphantly locking it in, I said,” There, I am finished with that.”

Then looking around me, I asked myself, “What should I put in its place?” I thought of warm southerly wind and how pleasant it must be to newborn lambs and new flowers and plants of all kinds. But as I put the key in the door, it began to burn my hand. I cried aloud, “What am I doing? Who knows what damage I may cause? How do I know what the fields want and need? Ten thousand problems may result from this foolish wish of mine!”

Bewildered and ashamed, I looked up and asked the Lord to send His angel to take away the key. Then I promised I would never ask for it again. To my amazement, The Lord himself came and stood by me. He stretched out His hand to take the key and hung it on His belt. I asked, ” Do you keep the key to the winds?” “I do, my child,” He graciously answered. And as He spoke, I noticed that all the keys to my life were hanging there as well. He saw my look af amazement and asked, “Did you not know, dear child, that my kingdom rules over all’?”

“If you rule ‘over all,’ ‘ I questioned, ‘is it safe to complain about anything? “Then He tenderly laid His hand upon me to say,”My dear child, your only safety comes from loving, trusting, and praising [ME] through everything.”


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