Remember Your Faith While In Hostile WorkPlace

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In America, courts have interpreted harassment in the workplace to mean speech or conduct based on “race, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or, in some jurisdictions, sexual orientation, political affiliation, citizenship status, marital status, or personal appearance” of the person complaining or of a reasonable person.

Policies are many, Principles are few, Policies will change, Principles never do.

John C. Maxwell


In today’s society it is more than likely that we are going to be faced with working in a hostile environment, that is not conducive with our Christian walk. Fortunately God has given us examples in his word of how to overcome these hostile environments and continue to do His work. One particular story that I would like us to look at today is the life’s of Joseph and David. We will be looking at several different points on how to overcome these situations.

READ: Genesis 39:1-12

First we see that God Anoints You in Trouble. Joseph had been thrown into a pit and then sold into slavery. From this God was able to raise Him up and make him a great man of worth to Potiphar (Verse 4). He was liked and trusted so much as a slave that he was given free rein around the house to do what he saw fit. We can see that through times of trouble and trial that we will face while working, God will be able to bless us and strengthen us as we work for Him. We must remember that God never leaves our side and is always there for His children.

Second, we need to remember to Do Your Job Well, But Remember the Mission and don’t expect to be Appreciated.

If we READ Matthew 28:19-20

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always even to the end of the age.”

We are called to win souls and fight the spiritual battle over darkness. We are not to go to work looking for: Friendship, Emotional Support, Social Activities, or Counseling. If we seek to be appreciated by the world and co-workers we will only be let down time and time again. We need to go to work for two reasons only: Work and Pay. We should look to Christ and our fellow Christians for the things that work doesn’t supply. We are to look to God for our riches and blessings.

Third, Don’t Let Your Environment Get Inside of You. Daily we need to set our feet on the foundation of Christ and equip ourselves with the armor of God to protect ourselves from the world. Joseph was surrounded by temptation and idolatrous ways, but He had remembered how God had carried him through the rougher times and was going to do only the things that would please Him. If, Joseph would have failed to the temptations of Potiphar’s wife he would have been no better then the other slaves. We must remember though, that just letting a leak of water into our boat and not paying attention to it, will eventually lead to flooding our boat and sinking it. Just a little sin of the world getting into our lives will slowly start to pull us away from God’s will.

Fourth, to overcome this hostile environment we must increase Our Capacity to Work With Different Personalities. We must not enter into the work place with a closed mind on personalities. God will bless you through people that you don’t ever like. Don’t limit yourself to certain people you work with. God didn’t limit his ministry to the devote Jews, but walked among the tax collectors and prostitutes to minister to them. Every area is full of honest and dishonest people; we must be diverse enough to overcome it.

Fifth, we must know that Where You Are Doesn’t Define Where You Are Going. “Send me your son David who is tending to the flock.”

READ 2 Samuel 2:4, “Then the men of Judah came and there anointed David King over the house of Judah.”

David went from being a sheepherder to being the King of God’s promised land. We must have HOPE and keep our eye on the final prize. Remember that we are alive, because He is not done using us yet. Saul was trying to kill David, but God did not let it happen, because God had our plans for David. Do not roll over and play dead.

Sixth, Don’t Pledge Allegiance with the Cliches in Your Work Environment. You can’t be in the cliche and lead them toward a Christ like life, while being in the cliche. Christ did not limit himself to any one cliche in order to minister to them all. God wants to rescue us from worldly people, and have us cling to Him. God cannot enlarge our spiritual life, if we limit ourselves to one particular area. God has specifically told us that we are not going to separate from the world.

Seventh, Always Keep Your Song Near You. This is that intimate place in your soul that you have solely devoted to God.

READ – Psalm 146:2, “I will sing praises to my God while I have my being.”

As long as your focus is on God and you are constantly worshiping Him in all that we do, you will not be able to be broken down. As the day goes on from start to finish, keep your song in your soul, and allow God to brighten your environment. Nothing will be able to take from this spiritual high place.

We too often look for resources to solve and fight our spiritual battles in the world and forget that all the resources we need are already in us and provided by God.

The greatest witness on the job is to be personally pleasant and undeniably productive. Unfortunately, we grow up feeling obligated to share our faith rather than to allow people to observe it by our professional integrity.

Christians should not use the workplace for vocal and blatant evangelism—as happens so much in the name of God, from politics to picketing. (If God were so inclined, I believe He could sue most Christians for false representation.) The real witness to Christ is love, peace, contentment, etc. These inaudible attributes—coupled with excellent work ethics and fulfilled promises to staff members, employees, or consumers—speak volumes. Maturity require it to be exuded coupled with discipline. Be graceful and remember to have a devoted prayer life and devotion time.

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