The secret place is a healing place

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secret place

2 Kings 4:4

New International Version (NIV)

The Widow’s Olive Oil

Then go inside and shut the door behind you and your sons. Pour oil into all the jars, and as each is filled, put it to one side.”

In our friendships we have to be wise that we choose godly people to be our friends. Somebody might say, well does that mean that you should never have a lost person as your friend? No, I wouldn’t say that. But you can’t have the same intimacy with a lost person that you can with a godly person in whom the Holy Spirit is living.

Charles Stanley

The widow and her two sons were to be alone with God. They were not dealing with the laws of nature, human government, the church, or the priesthood. Nor were they even dealing with God’s great prophet, Elisha. They had to be isolated from evryone, separated from human reasoning, and removed from the natural tendencies to prejudge their circumstances. They were to be as if cast into the vast expanse of starry space, depending on God alone–In touch with the source of meracles.

This is an ingredient in God’s plan of dealing with us. We are to enter a secret chamber of isolation in prayer and faith that is very fruitful. At certain times and places, God will build a mysterious wall around us. He will take away all the supports we customarily lean upon, and will close us off to something divine, completely new and unexpected, and that cannot be understood by examining our previous circumstances. We will be in a place where we do not know what is happening, where God is cutting the cloth of our lives by a new pattern, and thus where He causes us to look to him.

Most Christians lead a treadmill life–a life in which they can predict almost everything that will come their way. But the souls that God leads into unpredictable and special situations are isolated by Him. All they know is that God is holding them and that He is dealing in their lives. Then their expectations come from Him alone.

Like this widow, we must be detached from outward things and attached inwardly to the Lord alone in order to see His wonders. My wife and I have seen a very difficult time in the last year and up into this very moment. We are so thankful for them, for in them we have been able to solidify our position with Him. His new mercies and measures of grace have kept our cruse of oil full. We have been given a great revelation; It is through the most difficult trials that God often brings the sweetest discoveries of Himself.

God sometimes shuts the door and shuts us in,
That He may speak, perhaps through grief or pain,
And softly, heart to heart, above the din,
May tell some precious thought to us again.

If you are going through the trials of life and are discouraged, if your family has acted as if you are invalid, if you have lost someone near and dear to you, if you have lost job, car, home, investments,respect, self esteem, faith, peace, love, if you are depressed beyond wanting to get up to function for the day, if you are considered a recluse among those who hold their noses up to you or puts you down, go to the secret place as we have and watch our living God move things around in your behalf. God is watching His word and those who are in position. I tell you positioning is everything with God. Prostrate your heart, let God know you are broken and without a plan to recover. Sit still and wait, when you see the willing vessel that has been sent to deliver you from your suffering be ready to receive your breakthrough. Praise God for giving us this testimony; “We lack no good thing in Christ Jesus.”


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