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What is our perception on life while in despair?

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eyesWe all want progress, but if you’re on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

Author: C.S. Lewis

I am grateful for Imagination, hope, faith, trials, the word of God, the men of old and all of those who allowed God to make the deposit and seal of His spirit. I sit in amazement when I ponder the conversations that Peter and Paul are going to have, I get really excited when I think of Elijah and Moses and Abraham and some of the prophets of old are going to entertain. I can almost hear their laughter about the faith they had to maintain. I can envision today what it must have felt like to quiver within themselves about the various trails they had to endure. I can just Imagine how they had to encourage those within their ranks to continue to desire progress and stay steadfast on the right path.

They looked… and there was the cloud of the Lord appearing in the cloud. (Exodus 16:10)

I find it an absolute quality to possess this day of heaviness to get in the habit of looking for the silver lining of storm clouds. And once you have found it, continue to focus on it rather than the dark grey of the center. Do not yield to discouragement no matter how severely stressed or surrounded by problems you may be. As I sit this evening in the word of hope and synergy I find that a discouraged soul is in a helpless state, being neither able to “ stand against the devil’s schemes”( Eph.6:11) himself nor able to prevail in prayer for others. Flee I say every symptom of the deadly foe of discouragement as you would run from a snake, and believe me family I am not a snake man nor a quitter. Never be slow to turn your back on it, unless you desire to eat the dust of bitter defeat.

I am at this moment searching for more promises from God’s word, saying aloud of each one, “This promise is mine.”Then if you still experience feelings of doubt and discouragement , pour your heart out to God, asking Him to rebuke the adversary who is so mercilessly harassing you. I am even having to allow my tears of pain to hit this key board at this very moment to ward off his attack about producing this email, he is saying they could care less about what you are doing here or even what you have to say, but I am pressing in regardless of his attacks and I am singing a song right now and I cannot hold a note(LOL). Family I am learning that the very instant you wholeheartedly turn away from every symptom of discouragement and lack of trust, the blessed Holy Spirit will reawaken your faith and breathe God’s divine strength into your soul.

Initially you may be unaware that this is happening, but determine to uncompromisingly shun every attack of even the tendency toward doubt and depression, you will quickly see the powers of darkness being turned back. Oh, if only our eyes could see the mighty armies of strength and power that are always behind our turning away from the host of darkness toward God, there would be no attention given to his efforts of our cunning foe to distress, depress, or discourage us! I am counting on Jesus, though he is harassing me that my life is shattered and there is no way you will ever get through this storm Aaron. I believe in the name of Jesus that all the miraculous attributes of the God head are marshaled on the side of even the weakest believer who, in the name of Christ and in simple, childlike trust, yields himself to God and turns to Him for help and guidance.

One day in autumn, while on maneuvers in an open prairie, I saw an eagle mortally wounded by a rifle shot. With his eyes still gleaming like little circles of light, he slowly turned his head, giving one last searching and longing look towards the sky. He had often swept those starry spaces with his wonderful wings. The beautiful sky was the home of his heart. It was the eagle’s domain. It was there he displayed his splendid strength a thousand times. In those lofty heights, he had played with the lighting and raced the wind. And now, far below his home , the eagle lay dying. He faced death because— just once— he forgot and flew too low. My soul is that eagle when in retrospect of my life I flew to low many more time than the poor eagle. This is not its home nor ours. It must never lose its skyward gaze nor should we. My beloved I see more Imperative than anything we must maintain hope, we must keep courage, we must keep Christ. It would be better to crawl immediately from the battlefield than not to be brave. There is no time for my soul to retreat. Please keep your skyward gaze.

Keep looking up—

The waves that roar around your feet, Jehovah-Jireh will defeat when looking up. Keep looking up— Though darkness seems to wrap your soul; The light will fill your soul when looking up. Keep looking up— when worn, distracted with the fight; Your captain gives you conquering might when you look up. We can never see the sunrise by looking toward the west.

If God would have wanted us to live in a permissive society He would have given us Ten Suggestions and not Ten Commandments. – Zig Ziglar

The Challenges We Face: A New Generation of Gospel Ministers Looks to the Future

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young preacher

The faith of Christ offers no buttons to push for quick service. The new order must wait the Lord’s own time, and that is too much for the man in a hurry. He just gives up and becomes interested in something else.

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” (2 Timothy 4:7). Writing to Timothy, the Apostle Paul was able to look back on his ministry and declare satisfaction that he had finished his course. Paul would be the first to insist that his entire ministry was evidence of the grace and mercy of God, but he was assured that, by grace, he had finished his race.
Paul’s statement of completion must be the goal of every Gospel minister. Our calling is not complete until we, like Paul, can know that we have finished our course. For most of us, the race still lies before us, and that makes our goal even more urgent.

When asked about my hope for the future of the church, I point immediately to the corps of young ministers now entering and preparing for ministry. One of the great counter-intuitive developments of our times is the rise of a generation of young ministers who are committed to the faith “once for all delivered to the saints,” and who are eager to run the race to Christ’s glory.

What challenges lie ahead? The race this new generation is called to run will include several unavoidable challenges that will demand the highest level of biblical fidelity and theological courage, matched to keen cultural sensitivity and a deep love for human beings caught in the maelstrom of late modernity.

The Question of Truth

Amidst the debris of postmodernism (a movement that has basically run its course) stands a great ambivalence about the nature of truth. The great intellectual transformation of recent decades produced a generation that is not hostile to all claims of truth, but is highly selective about what kinds of truth it is willing to receive.

The current intellectual climate accepts truth as being true in some objective sense only when dealing with claims of truth that come from disciplines like math or science. They accept objective truth when it comes to gravity or physiology, but not when it comes to morality or meaning.

One result of this is that we can often be heard as meaning less than we intend. When we present the gospel, it can easily be heard as a matter of our own personal reality that is, in the end, free from any claim upon others. In other cases, this generation will confront an open denial that any truth can actually be known, except by means of empirical science or similar sources of knowledge.

Beyond this, our truth claims are claims of revealed truth. The modern mind is shocked to incredulity when we make clear that we claim knowledge revealed to us in written form by supernatural revelation.

In other words, this generation will face the continual challenge of making clear that the gospel is not merely interesting, not merely meaningful, but true.

The Gospel and the Church’s Mission

Younger evangelicals are now engaged in a great conversation about the nature of the church’s mission in the world. In the main, I see this as a very positive development. But, if we are unwilling to discuss this together, we will see the development of a division within the ranks of younger gospel pastors.

Some of the confusion has to do with language. Some are speaking of the church only in reference to its congregational expression, while others are speaking more generally of faithful Christians.

The church is charged with one central mission – the gospel and the making of disciples from all the nations. But those disciples are to be taught all that Christ commands, and that requires the demonstration of the gospel in acts of justice and righteousness that reveal the presence of Christ’s kingdom.

At least some younger evangelicals indicate the temptation to redefine the church’s mission so that it no longer centers in evangelism and conversion, leading to discipleship and faithfulness. On the other hand, some seem to insist that the gospel lacks clear kingdom implications.

Thankfully, most in this generation are concerned to find faithfulness in all that Christ has commanded. This generation needs to invest deeply in conversation about this challenge, and to avoid simplistic and reductionistic arguments, much less misrepresentations of the arguments in play.

The Necessity of Getting the Story Right, Right from the Start

Some issues arise again and again, leaving no generation untouched. The continuing debates over evolution and Genesis are evidence of this pattern, with a score of generations forced to deal with the question of beginnings.

The current debates among evangelicals have reached a vital point – the intersection of Genesis and the gospel. We must affirm that the gospel requires a clear affirmation of the historicity of Adam and Eve and the historical reality of the Fall. The Bible’s metanarrative of Creation, Fall, Redemption, and New Creation requires the historical reality of God’s work in every movement of the story.

The Apostle Paul makes the historicity of Adam – and his federal headship – central to our understanding of the gospel. Those who insist that evangelicals must accommodate the gospel to the prevailing evolutionary dogma are actually insisting that the gospel be denied. If we get the story of the gospel wrong in the beginning, we will have what Paul condemned as another gospel in the end.

If God would have wanted us to live in a permissive society He would have given us Ten Suggestions and not Ten Commandments. – Zig Ziglar

Understand the power of our words

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Nothing but encouragement can come to us as we dwell upon the faithful dealing of our Heavenly Father in centuries gone by. Faith in God has not saved people from hardships and trials, but it has enabled them to bear tribulations courageously and to emerge victoriously.

Author: Lee Roberson

Words communicate abstract or vague things. We can use them to explain events, to share feelings, and to help visualize the future. Words shape our thoughts, feelings, and attitudes towards a subject. They help decide if we stay neutral or take action. Just reading words can affect your thoughts, attitudes, and feelings. For example, read these six words slowly and vocally, taking notice of how they make you feel.

Murder Hate Depressed Cancer Sad Despair

Now read the following six words slowly and vocally, noticing how the words affect you as you do so. Wealth Success Happiness Health Inspiration Joy

How did these words make you feel? Successful persuaders know how to use the right words to create the desired response in their audiences. Speakers with greater verbal skills come across as more credible, more competent, and more convincing. Speakers who hesitate, use the wrong words, or lack fluency have less credibility and come across as weak and ineffective.

The use and packaging of language is a powerful instrument that can be fine-tuned to your advantage. We all know the basics of language, but mastery of both the aspects of language usage and the verbal situation can control human behavior. The proper use of verbal packaging causes you to be adaptable and easy to understand. This type of language is never offensive, and is always concise. I will try to convey what the Lord choice of the word “In” means and how we should feel while “In” a trial of afflictions.

Glorify ye the Lord” In” the fires. ( Isaiah 24:15 kjv)

Notice the little word “In”! We are to honor the Lord in the trial—In the very thing that afflicts us. And although there are examples where God did not allow His saints to even feel the fire, usually the fire causes pain. It is precisely there, in the heat of the fire, we are to glorify Him. We do not this by exercising perfect faith in His goodness and love that He permitted this trial to come upon us. Even more, we are to believe that out of the fire will arise something more worthy of praise to Him than had we never experienced it.

To go through the fires will take great faith, for little faith will fail. We must win the victory in the furnace. We must win the victory on the battle field as Joshua did, he exuded so much faith that he prayed and asked God to still the sun and God did. A person has only as much faith as he shows in times of trouble, The three men who were thrown into the fiery furnace came out just as they went in—except for the ropes that had them bound. How often God removes our shackles in the furnace of affliction!

These three men walked through the fire unhurt—their skin was not even blistered. Not only had the fire “ not harmed their bodies, nor was a hair of their heads singed; their robes were not scorched, and there was no smell of fire on them” ( Dan.3:27) This is the way Christians I feel should come out of the furnace of fiery trials—Liberated from their shackles but untouched by the flames. I had the honor yesterday to speak with a blessed man of faith name Trevor, he went on to encourage me that though the enemy of our souls was raging against me that I need to remember to preach to myself about the faithfulness of God’s word and His presence while going through. I have found that I have to be “In” the word daily always meditating on what God has promised in-order to prevail.

Triumphing over them “In” it.( Colossians 2:15)

This is the real triumph—triumphing over sickness in it, triumphing over death in dying, and triumphing over other adverse circumstances in them. Believe me, there is a power that can make us victors in the conflict. There are heights we can reach where we can look back over the path we have come and sing our song of triumph on this side of heaven, we can cause others to regard us as rich, while we are poor, and make many rich in our poverty. We are to triumph in it.

Christ’s triumph was In humiliation. And perhaps our triumph will also be revealed through what others see as humiliation. Isn’t there something captivating about the sight of a person burdened with many trial, yet who is as lighthearted as the sound of a bell? Isn’t there something contagious and valiant in seeking others who are greatly tempted but are “ more than conquerors”? Isn’t it heartening to see a fellow traveler whose body is broken, yet who retains the splendor of unbroken patience? What a witness these give to the power of God’s gift of grace!

When each earthly brace falls under,

And life seems a restless sea,

Are you then a God-held wonder,

Satisfied and calm and free?

My life will never be the same because I am not waiting for the prophet to come to me, I am girding myself up and proclaiming God’s power myself to quite this devil that is angry because love kept Christ on point for us due to the fathers love for us. I am going to be successful and powerfully used by the Savior of this world, I will be a great friend and husband, I will have a prosperous ministry, I am fearfully and wonderfully made, there is no sickness that shall prevail against me, I will walk in the power of my creator “In” every trial He allows me to endure In the blessed name of Jesus. Darkness tries to steal our hearts away daily, but remember this beloved “Mercy says No” Things that are visible are brief and fleeting, while things that are invisible are everlasting.

Thank you Jesus for being a ever present help in our time of need, we will not be defeated because we believe you are saying a prayer for us as you did Peter. You O’ Lord will see us through triumphantly in everything we encounter. Let us look to the only thing Lord that will not perish, that is your word that became flesh and dead and arose. Holy spirit thank you for keeping us until our redeemer returns In Jesus Holy name Amen & Amen……

If God would have wanted us to live in a permissive society He would have given us Ten Suggestions and not Ten Commandments. – Zig Ziglar

Assailed By Affliction

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We are always on the anvil; by trials God is shaping us for higher things.
Henry Ward Beecher

Shabach the Lord of All Zion,

As you go through your life dear Over comer and as you endure the afflictions that assail you, remember that the Lord is the Master of your life and He is the one who is permitting your life to be encompassed with many infirmities. Have you any trial dear Over comer that is of a crushing nature? Is there the threat of multiple areas of testing that you do not know you can conquer? Are you compassed with scourging and depression on every side? Has your life come to a place where you know not if you are situated in stability and you wonder if you are going to fall? Has the most awful thing, the most terrible testing, the most horrendous trial that you feared the most happened unto you? Has your physical body been injured and has your body been assailed with sickness and disease? Has God seemingly turned away His face from you and you find Him hard to seek and to find and often do not know where He is? Is there such an inner turmoil and conflict in your life that anything more added to your daily burden would surely crush you and stifle any expression of life in you? Have you lost someone dear to you in death? Has your life been a grief ever since? Do you have family members, friends and neighbors who do not understand you at all and when they look upon you do they think that you are insane? Are you “strange” to those who live around you and view your life? Are you cut off and alone? Is your measure of fellowship with other believers only with one or two and no more? Have family members stopped talking to you and have walked away in a dearth of silence?
If any of these things as well as a multitude of other things have happened unto you dear Over comer, then you are enduring the Euroclydon Wind! The ship is being torn apart! Your life has been racked dear Saint of God, you who feel as far from being Holy as is possible! Instead you see FLESH in your life, that which you would not do, you do! That Holiness you desire is only a faint hope! Dear Over comer, the winds of Euroclydon blow upon your earthly bark and YOU ARE TO BE ENVIED! How envious a position you are in for the judgment of God abides upon your mortal frame! Your life is encompassed with infirmity of every sort, AND GOD IS THE DOER OF IT! God is reducing you to NOTHING. There will be NOTHING OF “YOU” LEFT WHEN HE IS DONE! And not just that dear Over comer. It is that in this “time” we are in – THE HEAT AND THE FIRE IS INCREASING EVERY DAY. The areas of testing assailing your mortal frame ARE MORE. The fire’s are daily growing HOTTER. The testing is becoming more insurmountable! You are becoming more CONFINED! So near to the breaking point was your frame yesterday, how much closer to being broken today!

And on top of that you prayed, you fasted, you sought hard after God. You allowed Him to sweep through your soul in times past and were crushed and broken already, but the crushing, the breaking is CONTINUING. Perhaps there were many around you who thought your life was a waste, who would encourage you to take comforts in natural things, to forget God, to go into the world and be one with those who reveled in the night time! You may have been tempted to think your prayers are not being heard or answered! All such are the afflictions of the righteous!

Acts 20:24

New International Version (NIV)

24 However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.

We read in 2 Samuel 5:17, “When the Philistines heard that David had been anointed King over Israel, they went up in full force to search for him.” The moment we receive anything from the Lord worth fighting for, the Devil comes seeking to destroy us. When the Enemy confronts us at the threshold of any great work of God, we should accept it as evidence of our salvation, and claim double the blessing, victory, and power. Power is developed through resistance. The force and the amount of damage created by an exploding artillery shell appears to be greater because of the resistance at the point of impact. A power plant produces additional electricity by using the friction of rotating turbines. And one day, we too will understand that even Satan has been used as one of God’s instruments of blessing.

A hero is not fed on sweets,

Daily his own heart he eats;

Chambers of the great are jails,

And head winds right for royal sails.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tribulation is the door to triumph. The valley leads to the open highway, and tribulation’s imprint is on every great accomplishment. Crowns are cast in crucibles, and the chains of character found at the feet of God are forged in earthly flames. No one wins the greatest victory until he has walked the wine-press of woe family. With deep furrows of anguish on His brow, the “man of sorrows”(Isa. 53:3) said, “In this world you will have trouble”(John 16:33). But immediately comes the psalm of promise, “Take heart! I have overcome the world.” The footprints are visible everywhere. The steps that lead to thrones are stained with spattered blood, and scars are the price for scepters. We will wrestle our crowns from the giants we conquer. It is no secret that grief has always fallen to people of greatness.

The mark of rank in nature

Is capacity for pain;

And the anguish of the singer

Makes the sweetest of the strain.

Tribulation has always marked the trial of the true reformer. It was true in the story of Paul, Luther, Savonarola, Knox, Wesley, and the rest of God’s mighty army. They came through great tribulation to their point of power. Every great book has been penned with the author’s blood. “These are they who have come out of the great tribulation”(Rev.7:14). In spite of his blindness, wasn’t Homer the unparalleled poet of the Greeks? And who wrote the timeless dream of Pilgrim’s progress? Was it a prince in royal robes seated on a couch of comfort and ease? No! John the Revelator, where was he when he penned the book of Revelation? Where am I while penning these thoughts and studies that I share with you? Family the lingering splendor of John Bunyan’s vision gilded the dingy old walls of an old English jail in Bedford, while he, a princely prisoner and a glorious genius, made a faithful transcript of the scene.

Great is the easy conqueror;

Yet the one who is wounded sore,

Breathless, all covered over with blood and sweat,

Sinks fainting, but fighting evermore—

Is greater yet.

Assailed by this affliction May & I will not complain, but allow the holy spirit to carve us into a more Christ like image. The world unforgiving though it is, will not make us forget whose we are. Our God is Awesome and has done great things for us when we didn’t deserve them. We are grateful for being called to suffer for a little while. This little rain mixed with God’s sunshine makes us appreciate the good times we believe are on the horizon. By being crushed we hope that we smell as good as the fragrance used to anoint our Savior. I am convinced that my God will do as he said to His servant. Eating, clothing, and lodging all belong to Him. The job we feel we need, it belongs to Him, May completing school, all belongs to Him. Every need we have need of is His not ours. Chained to Christ chariot are we. This victory we celebrate belongs to Him. Stay in position family and watch Him move!!!!

Thank You,

Aaron Pratt

A chief event of life is the day in which we have encountered a mind that startled us.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let God change things in His way & Time

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The real democratic American idea is, not that every man shall be on a level with every other man, but that every man shall have liberty to be what God made him, without hindrance.
Author: Henry Ward Beecher


I am truly grateful for the things God has done in my life in- spite of the difficulties I have created along the way. I am grateful for the victories that we have won together in my life. I could go on & on about those things that seemed at the time as defeat that my God has brought me through. Family It would be too much for me to comprehend should God allow me to peak into my future. It would mean for me I feel I have no faith in His providential abilities to complete that good work in which He has begun. Family my life seems to be plagued with famine in the areas of natural resources & stability to press through this tumult we are now faced with. O’ but God, the future is great for all who go through the weather; whether they like it or not .

Family as I studied the wonderful gift of God this morning I found within it a nugget of hope. Did you know that the Egyptians were the first ones to began a prison system and that they were given the commission to prepare for the famine to come by the hand of God. I am amazed at how God allows even the evil to have the liberty to be used of Him.

“There is corn in Egypt.”- Genesis 42:2

Famine pinched all the nations, and it seemed inevitable that Jacob and his family should suffer great want; but the God of providence, who never forgets the objects of His affection & electing love, had stored a granary for His people by giving the Egyptians warning of the scarcity, and leading them to treasure up the grain of the years of plenty. Family who would expect deliverance from their enemies or a ungodly people? Little did Jacob know that the corn in which he sought was in Egypt, Jacob watched the hand of God began to wither the land with drought and fat calves went to slender calves and watering holes of plenty went to none but barren land. O’ my God, the natural of our whether forecast would make any of us stagger and become despaired. I see here a real man Named Israel, that sought I would imagine in great prayer for an answer for where was the corn in store for him and his people.

My beloved family, though all things are apparently against us, I beseech you to rest assured that our God has made a reservation on our behalf; in the roll of our grief’s there is a saving clause. Somehow He will deliver us, & somewhere He will provide for us. The quarter from which our rescue shall arise may be a very unexpected one, but help will assuredly come in our extremity, and we will began to magnify the name of the “ Lord.” Family of faith if we fail to do for each other as faith base children, Ravens shall; and if earth yields no wheat, heaven shall drop with manna. Therefore be of good courage, and rest quietly in The Lord. God can make the sun rise in the west if He pleases, and make the source of distress the channel of delight.

The corn in Egypt was all in the hands of Israelite made ruler of a pagan nation, exalted from an inmate to a prince. Please don’t miss that when you read this. Joseph had nothing to do with his imprisonment, but when he was given the opportunity he showed his brother the grace of God in what he taught them through how he endured his tumult of life by holding the scammer of the brothers until the others brought back Benjamin and then he told them after they ran out of corn, because Simeon would have been left there had they not ran out of food. He told them not to come back without their brother. My God this thing is powerful when you are going through and can see the finger prints of God within these pages. Family I am performing a “CSI” on my life today by sprinkling the dust of faith to reveal God’s hand in my life.

Joseph opened and closed the granaries at will. So I see here that the riches of providence are all in the absolute powerful hands of the Lord Jesus, who will dispense them liberally to His people. Joseph was abundantly ready to succor his own family; and Jesus is unceasing in His faithful care for His brethren. Our business is to go after the help which is provided for us: we must not sit still in despondency, but stir ourselves to movement that smells like faith. Prayer will bear us soon into the presence or our royal Brother: once we are before the throne we have only to ask and have; God’s store house is not exhausted; there is corn still: His heart is not hard, He will give the corn to us. Lord, forgive our unbelief, and this morning constrain us to draw largely from Thy fullness & receive grace for grace. Be blessed family today in Jesus name. May & I love you much!!!!!

Thank You,

Aaron Pratt

If God would have wanted us to live in a permissive society He would have given us Ten Suggestions and not Ten Commandments. – Zig Ziglar

Having Faith in God about where He has called “YOU” From

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faithFaith, as Paul saw it, was a living, flaming thing leading to surrender and obedience to the commandments of Christ.

Author: A.W. Tozer

Are you sometimes perplexed about the path in which God has led you on? I’ll answer my own question, I often contemplate about this. I even look at myself drive in regards to having Initiative to maintain my faith. Sometimes the status quo has been so bad for so long you no longer even notice you’re struggling. When awful is the order of the day, it’s easy to lose sight of a real need to step back and regroup.

Maybe you’re a business owner whose company is failing. Maybe you’re a manager who is overwhelmed and no longer certain you have or can even find the answers. Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur who no longer believes in your idea.

No matter who you are, if any of the following strikes a chord, take action. If you don’t, your problems will get worse before they get better:

1. You avoid answering your phone. Not because you’re too busy but because you use voicemail to protect yourself from angry customers, pissed-off staff, or the need to explain why you messed up. When things are going well, phone calls are welcome distractions; when you’re struggling, you hate the phone and everything it represents. And you love caller ID.
What to do: Simple. Answer the phone. Every time. Sure, it will suck, but each time you’ll have one less problem to dread. (And your damage control skills will improve. Win-win.)

2. Your to-do list is depressing, not energizing. A to-do list should be fun. Completing tasks, knocking off projects, taking care of business… all fun — or at least fulfilling. Until they’re not. When you’re struggling it’s easy to put aside larger projects to focus on the tasks you can complete, no matter how irrelevant those tasks may be… just so you can feel you accomplished something.
What to do: Step back. Re-prioritize and rewrite your list. Pick the highest priorities — like what might jeopardize your peace or a major relationship — and put everything else aside. Your desk can wait.

3. You talk more about what you would like to do than what you are doing. Ambitions are great. Dreams are wonderful. Hang on to them. But when all you talk about is what you would prefer to do, you’re lost.
What to do: Taking care of today is a requirement. Dreaming about tomorrow is a luxury you earn. No whining or fantasizing until today is a win.

4. You feel your only hope is “the big idea.” Watch gamblers before the last race of the day at a horse track; if you think desperation is invisible, you’re wrong. When we’re in trouble big ideas are in short supply and rarely viable.
What to do: Small ideas and big efforts can turn desperation into triumph. Ninety-nine percent of the time you already know what you need to do — you just don’t want to do it. Tough. Do it.

5. You value forward projections more than day-to-day results. I have a friend who loves creating sales forecasts, five-year plans, estimated cash flow projections… but refuses to look at weekly operating statements. He hates current performance reports because they’re awful. So he ignores them. What to do: Every day check out financial reports, productivity results, key performance indicators… whatever drives your faith or your life. Knowing where you stand so you know exactly where to go is the only way to make a bad situation better.

6. You focus on “how” rather than “why.” A sure sign you’ve lost control is when process matters more than results, because when results are in question the only thing you may feel you can control is the process. When you argue more about how something should be done rather than why it should be done, you’re struggling: To maintain control, to maintain your identity, to maintain some sense of self you feel you’ve lost…
What to do: Let go. How is interesting; but why is all that matters. If you feel you can’t let go, ask someone for advice and follow their advice. Can turning the corner be this easy when you’re really struggling? Sometimes yes, often no. All of these are self talk principles I’ve tried to align with my faith talk, when all I need is “Faith.” Read Genesis 12:1-9

Genesis 12:1

New International Version (NIV)

The Call of Abram

12 The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you.

One of the smartest people I know is a college friend who became a Christian while studying at Syracuse University. He graduated with honors and went on to study at a respected seminary. He served a small church far from family and friends. After twelve years at that church, he sensed that the congregation needed new leadership, so he stepped down. He hadn’t been offered a job at a bigger church or a teaching position at a college or seminary. In fact, he didn’t even have another job. He just knew that God was leading him in a different direction, so he followed.

When we discussed it, my friend said, “A lot of people talk about being called to something, but I don’t hear much about being called from something.” In many ways, my friend’s obedience was like that of Israel’s patriarch Abraham, who went out, not knowing where God was leading. Difficulties like famine, fear, and family disputes gave reason for doubt, but Abraham persevered and because of his ‘Faith” God counted him as righteous ( Galatians 3:6). My God I am struggling to believe fervently that a life of obedience may not be easy, but it will be blessed (Luke 11:28).

As Abraham went out,

Not knowing where he was going;

Now, Lord keep me from doubt,

To go the way you are showing. –In Jesus name…Amen

You don’t need to know where you’re going if you know God is leading.. Stay on your knees in pain and let God change you….

Thank You,

Aaron Pratt

A chief event of life is the day in which we have encountered a mind that startled us.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

One river cures all

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riverWe are not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us; we are wondering how painful the best will turn out to be.” C.S. Lewis

Good morning family,
I have been touched today by the river of which its source knows nothing, and Jesus says if we have received of His fullness, however small the visible measure of our lives, out of us will flow the rivers that will bless to the uttermost parts of the earth. We have nothing to do with the outflow—“This is the work of God that we believe…” God rarely allows a soul to see how great a blessing He is. I am at this very moment seeing the visibility of God’s blessings on my marriage and life.
A river is victoriously persistent, it overcomes all barriers. For a while it goes steadily on its course, then it comes to an obstacle and for a while it is baulked, but it soon makes a pathway round the obstacle. Or a river will drop out of sight for miles, and presently emerge again broader and grander than ever. You can see God using some lives, but into your life an obstacle has come and you do not seem to be of any use. Keep paying attention to the source, and God will either take you around the obstacle or remove it. My wife and I have had torrents of obstacles such as ,disconnect periods from “Elohim”, unemployment, abandonment issues, fear, and uncertainty of hope & future. I found in this the river of the Spirit of God overcomes all obstacles.

Never get your eyes on the obstacles or on the difficulty. The obstacle is a matter of indifference to the river which will flow steadily through you if you remember to keep right at the source . Never allow anything to come between yourself and Jesus Christ, no emotions, or emotion, or experience; no matter how long it takes, no matter what you have done while waiting, no matter what you thought to do to try to aid God in this, nothing must keep you from the one great sovereign Source.
Think of the healing and far—flung rivers nursing themselves in our soul!! God has been opening up marvelous truths to our minds, and every point he has opened up is an indication of the wider power of the river He will flow through us. If you believe in Jesus, you will find that God has nourished in you mighty torrents of blessings for others…..

Thank You,
Aaron Pratt…

If God would have wanted us to live permissive lives he would have given us ten suggestions instead of Ten Commandments