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Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.

Abraham Lincoln

I love the concepts these two entertainers model as a means to getting to the top of their profession. Honing your strengths and talents is key in life and business. Despite the obvious, some entrepreneurial cats are continuing down their stubborn ego-driven path of trying to seek fame in the game but have no skills that impress. You would think after the Facebook IPO fiasco people would realize hype does not open up roads to riches. Even in the hip-hop game, Maino said it best about the tragedy of getting famous before getting rich. We have to stop the fronting and start focusing on the fundamentals if we want to get ours.

When you chase fame and you don’t have fortune, you set yourself up for all kind of bad news. The first thing you do is make yourself a target to those who are truly superior to you. The “Art of War” teaches that you do not reveal yourself until you develop an unstoppable momentum. The second thing is fame is expensive as it cost to be the boss. The worst thing that can happen to an aspiring entrepreneur is they get some “recognition” and now everybody is all over them, calling them out, stressing them out, dissing them before they can even be at the level to put out their product or service.

When you focus on the fundamentals, you are laying down your foundation to your fortune. You get the skills, the material, the craft, the connects and you roll up your sleeves, hit the table and make it work. Business is about transactions and the only thing that matters in transactions is that you have something that someone wants to buy – not how many people know or recognize who you are. Once you have the fundamentals on getting paid, no one can really mess with you except the government.

But here is the thing, your fundamentals are what make you famous faster than chasing fame. Once cats see you doing good business and you handle smooth transactions and give good service, and have a positive vibe about yourself word of mouth is going to grow.

And cats can’t say a damn thing about you because you already doing it. All they can do is side hate but your customers already love you and will take your side and laugh at your haters and defend you with their money going into your bank account.

So with that said, when you see these cornballs featured in articles and media coverage but have nothing but a cute inspirational story to tell, just remember the difference between fame and fundamentals. Remember that Facebook was trying to IPO off fame and hype and you saw how far that got them in the IPO. Remember that Warren Buffet operates off fundamentals and you see the empire he built. A lot of you cats are on some fan-boy or fan-girl running around in this business game but don’t know a damn thing about fundamentals.

In my personal quest to find something marketable, Warren Buffet is one of the models, he used patience, and a practical approach seasoned with trust. he formed his first investment partnership with $100.00 in 1956. He has honed it, perfected it, and stuck to it even when the temptations to adopt a different strategy were tantalizingly sweet. He didn’t invest in either Microsoft or the Internet because he didn’t feel he could paint an accurate picture of where high tech was going to be in twenty years. His distinct approach is the cause of his personal happiness and professional success. I see him being relevant here due to him figuring out something that can serve as a practical guide for all of us who are aspired to be successful and contribute to others.

Negative hustling is all ignorance seems to portrait, but there are some who want to stay in a positive, life giving, money making attitude for themselves and those they create opportunity for to not only keep their stomachs full, but others. live well my friends. Don’t let mistakes made make of form your future. Pray for the Pratt family as we do for all of “Man Kind.”


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